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In the world of digital learning, Quizizz stands out as a beacon of fun and engagement, transforming traditional classroom setups into interactive, gamified experiences. Here’s an overview on how students and teachers can join Quizizz.

Sign Up as Student

  1. To sign up as a student on Quizizz, follow these steps:
  2. Click ‘Sign up’ on the Quizizz join page and enter your email.
  3. Choose ‘at a school’ as your designation.
  4. Select ‘a student’ in the subsequent window.
  5. Confirm your date of birth. If you’re under 13, enter a parent or guardian’s email, username, and password; if over 13, enter your first and last name and a password.
  6. Click ‘Continue’ to complete the registration.

Student Log-in and Log-out

  • Login: Click the login button at the top right of the join page on Quizizz’s website.
  • Logout: To log out, click the hamburger icon in the top right corner of the join page and select ‘logout’.

Joining a Game as a Student

To join a game on Quizizz as a student, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up or log in to your Quizizz student account.
  2. Go to the Quizizz join page and enter the game code provided by your teacher.
  3. Enter your name or select a fun, auto-generated Quizizz name.
  4. Adjust settings like music, memes, read-aloud options, and sound effects if desired.
  5. Click ‘Start’ when ready.
  6. If using a code from Google Classroom, Schoology, or Canvas, log in to your LMS account first to get the code.

Play a Solo Game as a Student

To play a solo game on Quizizz as a student, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Quizizz student account or visit
  2. Search for a quiz or select one assigned by your teacher.
  3. Start the quiz and adjust game settings as preferred.
  4. Play the quiz, with your progress and results being recorded.

Host Quizizz Games as Students

To host Quizizz games as a student:

  1. Log into your Quizizz account.
  2. Select a quiz from your collection or search for one.
  3. Click “Host Game” and adjust game settings.
  4. Share the game code with others.
  5. Start the game once everyone has joined.

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